Monday, December 10, 2007

napier family hoe down

who: wellspring & friends
what: the fire, smores, drinks & food. plus a good 'ol napier time.
they'll have some desserts & drinks, 
but if you want something...bring it :)
where: east cypress forest drive.
2nd to last house on the right.
as for the exact address, i'm gonna need some help on that.
when: this saturday the 15th; 8pm

Thursday, December 06, 2007


so, i've been commissioned to plan a chrisssymas party for wellspring! i guess the first question for all of us would be the about NEXT sunday the 16th after church? 

would most people be around? i think that would be a blast...we could all bring something and do a potluck if everyone is okay with that. 

we'll need to find somewhere to have it...maybe someone else's house?

add your comments & let me know what you think!


Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these.....

Jesus lives next door. He's an eight-year-old girl and her three year old brother. The Son of Man looks like those starving Ethiopian children. He only gets breakfast and lunch at school, when he makes it. His mama is a crack whore. Nobody knows where his daddy is. I heard his mama lets her "Johns" do things to him.
Poor King of Kings.
Jesus is two houses down and has six children. Now he's pregnant with the seventh. I don't know if he hasn't figured out what birth control is, or what, but how does he expect his husband to feed all those babies on that salary? And you know with all those kids the Lord of Lords can't work. That means hardworking taxpayers' money has to go for Christ's food stamps.
He needs to get fixed.
The Lord is a crazy man--paranoid schizophrenic. If he doesn't take his medication, he walks up and down the street, cussing and spitting on everybody he passes. He's homeless. Nobody knows where his family s-if he's got one. Digs out of trash cans for food. Somebody ought to get him off the street.
I'm starting to see the Son of God everywhere I go. He's always crying or egging or looking pitiful. Why doesn't he pull himself up by his bootstraps? This is America!! Makes me mad. He's ruining our neighborhood.
Somebody ought to do something about him.

-Claudia Mair Burney

Monday, December 03, 2007


so i just checked our blog, which i haven't done in forever, and realized that the last post was way back in september.
i hadn't even noticed that mark had probably wouldn't have meant as much as it does reading it now.
i don't really have anything inspiring to say, i guess i just wanted to tell you guys thank you.
the last few months have been hard on me...all of you know that because you've heard the story a million times.
i just like that i feel at home with all of you, like i can tell you my stories over and over and i know that you'll listen.
i know that you'll care when i'm having a bad day, and that i can actually be honest.
i've never really believed it when people told me that they cared about me, but i'm starting to...
with all of you.
i think all of you mean it...that perhaps you actually like me, and might even care.
that's a nice feeling.
like a hug, or sunshine when i'm cold.
the holidays are here...and the noise is getting turned up.
that word describes it nicely...thanks mark.
i wish for all of you that it would go smoother...that things would be easier this time, this year, this holiday season,
but the reality is that it might not and i hope that's okay too.
all the pain getting stirred up...all the things we should have said or not said,
all the time we've spent over this past year abusing each other and being selfish.
i hope that if all that does come up that you have peace.
that you can stand in the storm of hustle & bustle,
of ribbons and bows and presents,
and food and travel and stress,
and expectations and short tempers and regret...
that you could stand still as it all tosses around you,
and that somehow you could be at peace.
i don't know how to do that...
so my prayer is for me too.
but i'm learning how,
and you all are making that process so much easier.