Tuesday, May 29, 2007


We're all travelers in this world.
From the sweet grass to the packing house.
Birth 'til death.
We travel between the eternities.

-Prentice Ritter

I'm indeed blessed to have traveling companions
such as I do. I can only hope that God uses me in these travels
and that all I do can be to glorify Him.

Friday, May 25, 2007

The Father at work

In order to move from spectator to kingdom missionary as Juli posted this week I feel the questions below should be addressed:

Jesus referred often (in the scriptures-John 5,8,others) and did exactly what the Father told him, so

1)where is the Father at work-I must join Him with my life

2)where is the Father at work in the larger body-Wellspring community must join Him collectively

Question: Do we individually know these answers and do you sense the work the Father would have Wellspring join in on and do?

what it means to not just be a spectator to this 'kingdom show'...
sitting, watching, having your heart stirred, your pulse racing,
palms sweating with anticipation and excitement
yet still remaining seated.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


ask yourself what it means to 'practice daily your belief',
what honesty, authenticity, and transparency look like,
what it means to not just be a spectator to this 'kingdom show'...
sitting, watching, having your heart stirred, your pulse racing,
palms sweating with anticipation and excitement
yet still remaining seated.

ask yourself what it means to truly commit,
to your family,
to your community,
to the decision that this is not a passing fad,
an emotional high,
but instead is a life change.
choosing to let go of selfishness,
of inconvenience,
of fear.

ask yourself what it means to truly be different,
to truly live in community,
to truly not just be a bystander,
but a believer that a new way is possible.

are you willing to rearrange your life?
are you ready to try so hard...
palms calloused, brow sweating, muscles aching
from the struggle of swimming against the norm,
against the status quo?
are you bold enough to believe that our talk is not in vain?

this is achievable.
new life is possible.
one decision at a time-
transformation will begin.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

mother's day


today is a day for hope.
a day to celebrate, to grieve, to remember, and to be thankful.

a day to celebrate the mystery of creation
to grieve what was and what should have been
to remember those who have helped mold you into who you are
and a day to be thankful for the patience and kindness you have been given.

today is a day to be still.
to take the opportunity to seek out feelings or loss, of joy, of anger, and of love.
the opportunity to acknowledge your past and those who touched it
the opportunity to gaze upon your future,
and the change for you to touch and inspire.

today is a day of grace.
grace for those who hurt you,
who lived out their own pain in your life
for those you struggle to love...and to forgive.
grace for you who will too inflict pain upon,
and those you will request grace from.

share yourself today.
bless someone today.
feel yourself loved and cherished...
for today is a day of creation.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


allow yourself to be blessed
as you step into this safe place
as you seek out your own inner melody
and as it becomes clearer
as you are able to share
more of yourself and more of your story.

allow yourself to be blessed
as you begin to feel and almost see
the rhythms of others
a vibration so strong
that as we come together in true intimacy
and begin to live life together
harmony happens.

allow yourself to be blessed
as each new coat of paint is brushed
as new stories are told
and more of sacred life revealed
the color ever growing brighter,
more alive.

let us dance together.
let us sing together.
let us read together.
let us watch, and learn, and teach together.
let us resonate, and create, and grow together.
let us continue to bless each other. amen.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


what would it look like
for you to be responsible
and vulnerable.

what would it feel like
for you to search, and learn, and find
while being connected , intimate, and honest.

what would it sound like
to hear the voice of God through direct connection
and the voice of love through deep community.

what would life be like
to try your hardest
to fail
to be challenged
to be encouraged
to be teachable
to teach
and to practice life together along the way.

today you have the ability and the choice
to dream of what life can look like
for you, for your community, and for the world.
the decision is yours, it's mine, and it's ours.
welcome to the journey...
what a relief to know you don't have to travel it alone.
be blessed.