Monday, February 09, 2009


What kind of house did Mother Theresa have?
What kind of house does Greg Mortenson have? (Three Cups of Tea)
What kind of house does Blake M. have? (Toms shoes)
What kind of house does Ruben have? (made a difference in D's life)
I really don't know what any of these peoples house looks like, but I do know that they made an impact on the people around them and the community,

So... I ask myself "What kind of "house" does Wellspring have"
We don't have any idea what it might be for the futere, but are WE making an impact in the community.

For me, I am going to TRY to stick with the commitment that it doesn't matter what our "house" may look like. I know this is probobly a no brainer for most of you, but for me I realized yesterday that I was really wrapped up in the "outward" appearance of Wellspring. I don't want our identity to be in a building, but I was there.... and I am glad for the changes... it allowed conversation to help me realize how bad I was there.
Hope this makes sense.